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Permanent Address: Dipartimento di Matematica e Infomatica "Ulisse Dini" (from 01/01/2013)
                                   Dipartimento di Sistemi e Informatica (1/11/2000-31/12/2012)
                                   Universita' di Firenze
                                   Ufficio: Via Santa Marta, 3
                                   500139 Firenze
                                   tel. +390554796496
                                   fax +390554796363

Position :                   Assistant Professor (Ricercatore) since November 1st, 2000

Research interests : Nonautonomous Dynamical  Systems, Quasi periodic Schrödinger operator (continuous and discrete case). Spectral properties, Cantor spectrum.
                                   Exponential dichotmoy, rotation number for linear nonautonomous  Hamiltonian systems. Control theory . Bifurcation theory for nonautonomous systems.


Didactic duties

academic year 2013/14    Esercizi di riepilogo Ing Informatica 2013-14
                                          Registro lezioni 2013-14
academic year 2012/13   Esercizi riepilogo Ing Informatica 2012-13
                                         Registro lezioni 2012-13


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Book Chapters

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Organized Activities